# Products


Some examples of customised controllers designed so far

Air conditioning

_In cooperation with Innova, LAE ELECTRONIC designs sophisticated yet easy-to-use and elegant control board for fan coils and heat pumps, characterized by an excellent value for money.

Blast chillers & freezers

_In cooperation with Irinox, LAE ELECTRONIC designs multi-function medium and high-range control boards for: professional foodservice, pastry, bread-making, ice-cream and home use.

Fridges for home & scientific use

_ In cooperation with Aga Marvel, LAE ELECTRONIC designs and manufactures high-profile controllers for domestic and scientific refrigerators.

Professional fridges & freezers

_ LAE ELECTRONIC has been a partner to Foster for over twenty years in the designing and making of successfull controllers for a wide range of applications: storage cabinets, blast chillers and freezers, dough-retarder provers, thaw cabinets.

Dough retarder provers

_ In cooperation with GRAM, LAE ELECTRONIC designs and manufactures high-profile boards for controlling the dough retard proving process in industrial and artisanal machines.