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Global market presence

_Today millions of professional and commercial refrigerators, blast chillers and freezers, 
dough-retarder provers, ovens, air conditioners, compressed air dryers are controlled by
high-performance regulators.  You may often wonder who manufactures these customized electronic controls. 

If you see a product operating with innovative technology & long lasting performance it is likely to be our LAE ELECTRONIC brand.

Leader in customized controllers

_For many years we have proven to be leaders in the designing of customized controllers based on the technical specifications and design of the system to be controlled. For over thirty years, we have supported innovative changes requested by some of the most reputable world manufacturers.

Our Customers recognize the competency and the unique know-how with which we approach the project phases, creating synergies for the development of original and unique proposals. Solutions we help provide are the key to the complete success of their system.

Perfect integration

_ We aim to produce a perfect integration into your applications, without compromise, making LAE Electronic controllers among the best ever in the global marketplace. Our products have a solid reputation for reliability and incredible efficiency in the toughest working conditions. Being aesthetically sophisticated and easy to operate, they are just as user-friendly as a tablet or a smart phone.

Environment & Ethical Code

_LAE policy is to always respect all environmental protection concerns that are important to all consumers. We develop functions and adopt technologies that best meet the growing needs for energy saving and low environmental impact.

Another cornerstone of our company policy is focused on ethical treatment of all workers. We closely work with exclusively selected suppliers that have adopted ethical codes.


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