Multi-compressor or multi-fan controller - 71x97x61mm DIN Rail

Main features
• Four  ON/OFF outputs for the control of single or multi-stage compressors or fans
• Proportional output for speed control (inverters)
• Output with change-over contacts for alarm control
• Input for pressure transmitter (0/4…20mA) or for a temperature probe (NTC10K).
• Two digital inputs on voltage free contact for programmable function, up to three digital optocoupled voltage inputs for a complete system diagnostics
• Selection of the control algorithm: rotation of outputs, sequential activation, optimisation of the available power
• Pressure – Temperature conversion according to gas used
• Storage of the latest nine alarms
• Automatic maintenance management
• Connection to supervisory PC

For cryogenerators in supermarkets, cold stores and all cryogenic systems with variable demand.
Technical Data

Pressure input
type:  0/4…20mA (LAE PGT35)
range: -1.0…45.0bar
resolution: 0.1bar
accuracy: ±0.2bar

Temperature input
type:  NTC10K (LAE SN4…)
range:  -50.0…120.0°C
resolution: 0.5°C
accuracy: ±0.5°C

Power supply
MS27…E   230Vac±10%, 50/60Hz, 3W
MS27…U   115Vac±10%, 50/60Hz, 3W

Relay outputs
OUT1…OUT4    5(1)A
Alarm    7(2)A

Front protection

Multi-compressor or multi-fan controller - 71x97x61mm DIN Rail - LAE ELECTRONIC