Universal Low Cost Cooling/Heating Controller

Main features
Universal panel thermostat for the after-sales market
Selectable Refrigerating or Heating mode control
Runs on mains power supply
Controls the load directly
Excellent evaporator fan timed control
Selectable PTC or NTC10K probe input
Electrical, off cycle or hot gas defrost
Door open and high/low temperature alarms
Condenser clean warning
On/Off button

Applications: upright cabinets, cold stores, refrigerated plug-in display cases and counters, control panels, heated cupboards, thermostatic baths.
Technical Data
Control Range: -50120C
Resolution: 0.1 / 1; C / F
Accuracy:  PTC1000:  <0.5C (-50120C) 
NTC10K: <0.3C (-40.070.0C)
Sensor type: selectable NTC10K mod. standard SN4K20P1/P2
  Or PTC1000 mod. standard ST1K20P1/P2
Power supply: 230V~  10%  5060Hz   3W
Front protection: IP55
Panel cut-out: 71x29 mm
Ambient temperature: -1050C

Universal Low Cost Cooling/Heating Controller - LAE ELECTRONIC