Auto-Tuning PID Single or Two Stage Controller

Main Features
Panel controller with one or two independent outputs
Programming of: readout, output control via Hysteresis or PID
Auto-tuning function for PID control
Available inputs: T/C J-K, Pt100, PTC, NTC2K, 0/420mA, 0..1V
Refrigerating (dehumidifying) or heating (humidifying) mode selection
Programmable Neutral Zone, Two Step or Single stage control with alarm
Outputs on relay or SSR piloting
Quick setup through ZOT-LTW device
Connection to LAE supervisory systems TAB

Temperature: Ovens and thermostatic baths, incubators, precision heated and/or refrigerated systems.
Humidity: Control of greenhouses, seasoning cells, cold rooms, air-conditioned rooms.
Technical data
See table

Auto-Tuning PID Single or Two Stage Controller - LAE ELECTRONIC