Universal Two Stage Controller

Main Features
Ideal for wholesalers as one model fits several applications
Runs on mains power supply
PID with autotuning or ON/OFF control
Powerful main output on relay (16A) and mixed outputs on relay and SSR drive piloting option
Selectable Input:PTC/NTC, TCJ/K, Pt100, 01V, 0/420mA
Truly user-friendly programming
0.1 / 1C or 1F resolution
Refrigerating (dehumidifying) or heating (humidifying) mode selection
Two Stage, Neutral Band, Alarm threshold control
Standby button on front
Quick setup through ZOT-LTC device
Connection to LAE supervisory systems TAB.

Temperature: Control of heating systems, heated cupboards, bains-marie, ovens, laboratory equipment. Small cold stores, refrigerated cabinets and tables. Humidity: Control of greenhouses, seasoning cells, cold rooms, air-conditioned rooms.
Technical data
See table

Universal Two Stage Controller - LAE ELECTRONIC