Versatile split defrost unit for multiple evaporators

Main Features
Suitable to control multiple evaporators or multiple compressors and condensers plants
FLEXICOLD self-learning refrigeration control
No need for contactors or external wiring
Runs on mains power supply
Light control option
Very efficient evaporator fan control
Electrical, hot gas or off cycle defrost
Remote defrost start facility
Door open, HP, High temperature alarms
Condenser clean warning
HACCP functions
On/Off button
Quick setup through ZOT device
Connection to LAE supervisory system TAB.

Cold stores, control panels, refrigerated plug-in cabinets and display cases for shops and supermarkets.
Technical Data
LF28 (main unit)
Control Range: -40.040.0C
Resolution: 0.1 / 1C;   C / F
Accuracy: <0.2C (-30.030.0C)
Type of sensor: NTC mod. standard SN2B20P1/P2/P3/P4
Power supply: 230Vac  10%;  50/60Hz;   3W
Protection: IP40
Ambient temperature: -10 50C

LCD16 (display unit)
Size: 77x35x20 mm (WxHxD)
Panel cut-out: 71x29 mm
Front protection: IP55
Ambient temperature: -10 50C

Versatile split defrost unit for multiple evaporators - LAE ELECTRONIC