Defrost Unit for High Temp. applications

Main features
Panel thermostat for High Temperature
Runs on mains power supply
Controls the compressor directly
Light and ON/OFF buttons
Excellent evaporator fan timed control
Electrical, hot gas or off cycle defrost
Temperature defrost termination
Alarm on buzzer
Door open, high/low temperature alarms
Condenser clean warning
HACCP functions
Quick setup through ZOT device
Connection to LAE supervisory systems TAB.

Freestanding upright cabinets, cold stores, refrigerated plug-in display cases and counters, control panels.
Technical Data
Control range: -40.040.0C
Resolution: 0.1 / 1;  C / F
Accuracy: <0.3C (-40.070.0C)
Sensor type: standard NTC mod. SN2K20P1/P2
Power supply: 230Vac  10%  5060Hz   3W
Front protection: IP55
Panel cut-out: 71x29 mm
Ambient temperature: -1050C

Defrost Unit for High Temp. applications - LAE ELECTRONIC