Echelon® i.LON® SmartServer

Internet Server

i.LON SmartServer is an Internet Server that allows a system with LAE electronic controllers to be supervised via Internet.

It carries out functions of data acquisition, data logging, alarm management, sending of messages and programming of events. The Server configuration, all the acquired data and the controller parameters are accessed via Web browser from any computer anywhere provided it is connected to the local network or to Internet. In addition to the existing integrated Web pages, it is also possible to create and insert customized pages that give a better representation of the system and relative data.

LAE provides files that already contain the basic information for its controllers and that may be loaded directly into i.LON SmartServer to facilitate system configuration procedures.

What is more, i.LON SmartServer may be connected to any other LONWORKS® and Modbus device so as to be able to monitor units fitted with other manufacturers’ controllers that may have all sorts of functions, such as an air-conditioning system control. There are also 2 digital inputs and 2 outputs on relay available.

Echelon, i.LON and LONWORKS are registered trademarks of Echelon Corporation.
The main functions of i.LON SmartServer

Data logging
The data to be stored and the frequency of storage may be chosen. Text format may even be used for the created files (importable directly from applications such as Excel) or compressed format, which allows a considerable saving of storage space.
When the data files reach a certain fill level, i.LON SmartServer can send them as an attachment to an e-mail message and therefore always keep the storage available for subsequent data without anyone needing to act.
The stored data are also visible in real time via the integrated Web page.

Alarm management
During configuration it is necessary to define the sources and the conditions that must determine an alarm event and the actions that must follow: it is possible to send an e-mail, which indicates the alarm and sends data in an attachment, to set a controller parameter or to activate a relay. All the alarm events may be recorded in a log file.

Programming of events
This function may be used to program the value that certain controller parameters or commands must assume on certain days and at certain times. This, for example, allows the automatic management of defrost starts at fixed times or the switching on and off of the refrigerator lights according to the shop opening days and hours.

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