Suction pressure controller

Main features
Controls up to eight outputs for single or multi-stage compressors
Pressure control with two setpoints for energy saving
Rotation of compressors, equalisation of total operating time
Limitations of starts
Plant diagnostics with HP and LP switches
Compressor diagnostics
Fifteen internal and external alarm sources
Storage of ten alarms
Automatic maintenance management
Alpha-numeric display with four selectable languages
Connection to LAE supervision systems

For cryogenerators in supermarkets, cold stores and all cryogenic systems with variable demand.
Technical Data
Range: -1.009.00bar
Resolution: 0.01bar
Accuracy: 0.01bar (-1.009.00bar)
Sensor type: 0/4  20mA
Supply voltage: 230Vac 10%; 50/60 Hz; 4W
Data port: RS485
Front protection: IP54
Panel cut-out: 182x81 mm
Ambient temperature: -10 50C

COPM28 (Relay module for COPS80)
Size: 90x105x55 mm
Relay outputs:  4 x 5(2)A 240Vac
Power supply: 230Vac 10%; 50/60 Hz; 2W
Feedback inputs: 4 x 110-240Vac
Protection: IP40
Ambient temperature: -10 50C

Suction pressure controller - LAE ELECTRONIC