Clever Split Defrost Controller with RTC

Up to 6 real time defrosts.
Enhanced ECO Energy Saving management.
Synchronised defrosts among more controllers.
Optional control of a second compressor or evaporator.
Up to 2 auxiliary outputs (Light, switched loads etc.).
Excellent evaporator fan control.
Universal mains power supply.
Optional power supply for refrigerated transports.
Several alarm sources: temperature, door, condenser high temperature etc.
Quick programming through ZOT-BR1.
Connection to LAE supervisory systems, including wireless option.
Many display options: coloured LEDs with DU5S or new high contrast LCD, fully customised.

Upright refrigerators, plug-in and supermarket display cases, cold stores, control panels.  
Technical Data
DU5S: Red LED display unit
Dimensions: 77x35x20 mm (WxHxD)
Panel cut-out: 71x29mm Front protection: IP55

Technical Data
Range: -50110C, -58180F
Resolution: 0.1 / 1 C; F
Precision: <0.5C within the measurement range
Sensor type: NTC 10KOhm @25C
Power supply: 100240Vac 10% 5060Hz 3W

Clever Split Defrost Controller with RTC - LAE ELECTRONIC