Clever Split Defrost Controller

Refrigeration controller with cyclic defrosts.
Enhanced ECO Energy Saving management.
Synchronised defrosts among more controllers.
Optional control of a second compressor or evaporator.
Up to 2 auxiliary outputs (Light, switched loads etc.).
Excellent evaporator fan control.
Universal mains power supply.
Optional power supply for refrigerated transports.
Several alarm sources (temperature, door, condenser high temperature etc.).
Quick programming through ZOT-BD1.
Connection to LAE supervisory systems including wireless option.
Many display options (coloured LEDs with DU5S or new high contrast LCD fully customised).

Applications: Upright refrigerators, plug-in and supermarket display cases, cold stores, control panels.
Technical Data
DU5S: Red LED display unit
Dimensions: 77x35x20 mm (WxHxD)
Panel cut-out: 71x29mm Front protection: IP55

Technical Data
Range: -50110C, -58180F
Resolution: 0.1 / 1 C; F
Precision: <0.5C within the measurement range
Sensor type: NTC 10KOhm @25C
Power supply: 100240Vac 10% 5060Hz 3W

Clever Split Defrost Controller - LAE ELECTRONIC