Universal Defrost Controller for display cases and cold stores

Main features
Selectable Refrigerating or Heating control
Selectable NTC10K or PTC input
FLEXICOLD function for energy saving or alternative setpoint
Timed or optimised defrost control and remote start
Defrost timer backup in case of power failure
Direct compressor control through high power 16(5)A relay
Optional control of a second compressor or evaporator
Excellent evaporator fan control
Absolute or relative temperature alarms and door open alarm
Temperature and pressure monitoring and condensing unit maintenance
Light and standby control (On/Off)
Quick programming through ZOT-AD3 key
Connection to LAE supervisory systems

plug-in cabinets, supermarket display cases, cold stores, control panels, upright fridges and freezers, refrigerated tables.
Technical Data

Control Range: -50120C
Resolution: 0.1 / 1 C; F
Accuracy:  NTC10K: <0.3C (-40.070.0C)
PTC1000:  <0.5C (-50120C)
Sensor type:   selectable NTC10K standard mod. SN4B20P1/P2/P3
  or PTC1000 standard mod. ST1K20P1/P2/P3
Power supply: 115230V~  10%  5060Hz   3W
Front protection: IP55
Panel cut-out: 71x29 mm
Ambient temperature: -1050C

Universal Defrost Controller for display cases and cold stores - LAE ELECTRONIC