Specialists in customised products for OEMs

In addition to its standard products, LAE electronic has always designed, developed and fabricated custom-made cards for controlling temperature, defrosting, fans, alarms, etc.

Our major asset is the capacity to provide expert, reliable advice for making controllers that fully satisfy customer expectations and requirements with regard to functions, performance, size, appearance and cost.

This has allowed us to establish working relations with world-renowned companies, which include:

AGA Marvel-Northland Inc. (refrigeration), Alan Nuttall (refrigeration), Carrier (commercial refrigeration), Cool Compact (refrigeration), Crystal (refrigeration), Duke Manufacturing (refrigeration), EPTA group (commercial refrigeration), Friulair (Compressed air equipment), Fros-Tech (refrigeration), GAH (transport refrigeration), Ginis Ginidis (refrigeration), Hauser (commercial refrigeration), H&K (refrigeration), Holland (refrigeration), Ideal Kältetechnik (refrigeration), Innova (air conditioning), Inoksan (refrigeration), ITW (refrigeration), Johnson Control Inc., Jordao Cooling Systems (commercial refrigeration), Master-Bilt (refrigeration), Polestar (medical refrigeration), Seaking (refrigeration), Splendid Olimpia (air conditioning), True Manufacturing (refrigeration), Williams Refrigeration (refrigeration).

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